Tenderloin Neighborhood Association

Supporting Residents That Care About Their Neighborhood  

Our Mission


The Tenderloin Neighborhood Association is member-based organization formed to give a voice to Tenderloin residents. Our mission is to address unique issues that our neighborhood faces in regards to destructive loitering which leads to drug use, drug dealers and various other illegal activity. Our goal is to promote healthy and sustainable living in the Tenderloin


The Association initially started in 2008 as a block watch group on the 500 and 600 blocks O Farrell Street. Believing that our neighborhood needed more resident input regarding the direction of our area, we decided to incorporate a mutual benefit nonprofit organization and operate as a Neighborhood Association. To become a member, please download form  here and email to: tenderloinneighborhood@yahoo.com .


Our Association has meetings the 2nd Friday of every month at 5p. We meet at Cafe Ariana, 842 Geary.