Tenderloin Neighborhood Association

Supporting Residents That Care About Their Neighborhood  

Our Initiatives


This page catalogues our initiatives within the neighborhood. This page provides useful information to join our campaigns or start one of your own.


Contacting property owners-


Currently, we are contacting property owners and elected officials to draw attention to the fact that as residents, we deserve better use of our neighborhood space. Tenderloin residents should not be subjected to drug dealing and drug use 24/7. See below for the list of problem locations we are contacting. If you have an address you would like to contact and don’t want to do it alone, please send the address and we will post it here, as well as contact the owner on behalf of the organization.


Chhotubhai Patel -  Listed owner/ manager of "391 Ellis" and 387 ellis, Mentone Hotel

212 Sutter Street, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, California   94108


Gambhirshih B. Devdhara/ Rivera Hotel, LLC – Listed owner/ manager of Rivera Hotel

44 5th Street

San Francisco, California  94103


Twan  Company – Listed owner/ manager of 384 Ellis, vacant lot

c/o Siu Huang

3 Sutro Court

Novato, CA  94947 


Sit/Lie Ordinance-


Please see our presentation at the Board of Supervisors on 3.1.2010. More information about our efforts to support this to come.


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Those individuals against this ordinance are staging a "day of protest" on Saturday March 27, 2010. If you are near one of those gatherings, observe the crowd.... They have nothing to do with this fight.