Tenderloin Neighborhood Association

Supporting Residents That Care About Their Neighborhood  


International Walk to School Day 2014 and the Tenderloin Neighborhood Association create a 'Walk to School' day unique to the Tenderloin. The day will be held on Wednesday October 1, 2014 @ locations throughout the Tenderloin.

 Last years' partners included the Tenderloin Community School, Whole Foods Market, the Tenderloin Police Station, Champion of Health and the Tenderloin Boys & Girls Clubhouse among others.

Organization Overview

The Tenderloin Neighborhood Association strives to give Tenderloin residents the tools and the resources to become better neighbors. Our goal is to work within the Tenderloin to empower neighbors and foster a sense of community.

All Tenderloin community residents are welcome.

Healthy Thoughts and Ideas Bring About Healthy Communities  

Click Below for some great reading materials on Healthy Communities


Healthy Community Ground Rules 


The following is information that gives a great framework for uplifting a community.


  *14 Precepts of a Healthy Community  

*Strategic Priorities  

Code Violation Information

The following information are excerpts from a PowerPoint presentation forwarded to the Association by Jerry Threet. Please email tenderloinneighborhood@yahoo.com to receive full presentation.  

*Code Violation PowerPoint

          -         Tenderloin Code Enforcement Contact

          -        Enforcement Info and Ability

          -         Key CityPlayers in Code Enforcement

          -         Drug Nuisance Codes and Laws

          -        Drug Nuisance Characteristics (We experience many.)

          -        Drug Nuisance Enforcement Opportunities

          -        Drug Nuisance Relief

          -         Drug Nuisance Abatement

          -        Ways to Prove Public Nuisance to Proper Authorities

          -        Substandard Housing Code Information

 Meeting Times-

Our Association meets monthly. Please contact tenderloinneighborhood@yahoo.com for meeting times.